About Festival

CONNECT is a comprehensive study and reflection on the transformation of the modern world in the era of global urbanization and digitalization, as well as the period of combating new challenges: climate, epidemiological, social.

If we speak about history of human relations, we can now observe the “preservation” of human in his own comfort zone. This is due to the acceleration of the pace of life; challenges that need to be solved every day; increasing the amount of information we absorb and process on a daily basis; social norms established by states to overcome new threats and risks to society.

2020 was a period of breaking down ties between individuals as well as entire countries and cultures. Buying a ticket and flying abroad, going to a festival, meeting friends at a bar or visiting relatives at any time have become unavailable, although a year before that they were commonplace for people. Reality has forced us to turn to social distancing and limiting our own communication needs.

The modern world and culture have turned to media communications. ZOOM, Skype, Clubhouse, various messengers, VR and AR are no longer just a way of entertainment, but a single space for meetings, creativity and self-realization.

The festival of contemporary art Mykolaiv ART Week “CONNECT” 2021 realised by the MY ART Platform in partnership with the Mykolaiv Development Agency and the art space *8 PRICHAL with support of US Embassy in Ukraine.

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