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Oksana Radkevych (Lviv, Ukraine)

The main priorities of the author are painting and scenography.


Plywood, canvas, acrylic 100x80cm, 2020. The work consists of three parts

Project description

It turns the desert into a watery lake, and the dry land into water springs.

(Psalm 107: 35.)

Isolation is like a desert, in which the instincts of self-identification are sharpened, acute awareness of true needs, finding clear boundaries of freedom. The gradient is one of the works from the series, which is a reflection on external limitations, when at one point you find yourself in a closed space, and you get a chance to transform yourself again, to touch the visceral boundaries of your sensory gradient. Absolutely pure, abstract form, devoid of vital, material belonging, which is formed through deep sensory experiences.