“Art in lockdowm. The experience of Italy” Alexandra Bobokhina

Online lecture on the topic: “Art in quarantine. The experience of Italy”

Speaker: Alexandra Bobokhina (Palermo, Italy) – co-founder of the marketing agency SBAM studio and a student of the Accademia di belle arti di Palermo.

When we think of classical art, probably the first country that comes to mind is Italy. Indeed, cultural practices are very deeply immersed in social life. But how is it now? How do museums and galleries work? How do artists and sculptors experience the times of lockdown in a country that did not come down from the first columns of newspapers in terms of morbidity? And what about students of art specialties? What have the authorities done to support culture?

We are talking about eWatch the lecture at the linkything and a little more with Aleksandra Bobokhina during the live broadcast!

Watch the lecture at the link https://bit.ly/3hzjgUt

This second lecture of the online program is held within the project of the Festival of Contemporary Art “CONNECT”, implemented by the MY ART Platform with the support of the US Embassy in Ukraine.