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Debutante goes to work

Debutante goes to work

Photo redesign “Group of young women, including Betsy von Furstenberg, seated, wearing ball gowns”

Photographs show socialite model/actress Betsy Von Furstenberg attending a week-end house party and in New York City with friends. Includes Von Furstenberg, hostess Sandra Stralem and other young women in ball gowns; Von Furstenberg seated on couch with Buddy Joyce; dancing with John Hamlin; playing tennis; on a swing. Also Von Furstenberg with producer Gilbert Miller in his office; posing for photographers on board the S.S. Conte Biancamano; hat and jewelry shopping with friend Peter Stewart Howard; watching Harold Lang trim her poodle; lunching at Nicholson’s restaurant with Howard; sitting in window studying script. Unpublished photographs are portraits of Betsy Von Furstenberg.

© Stanley Kubrick, 1949
© LOOK Magazine Collection / Library of Congress / Prints & Photographs Division / Museum of the City of New York
© Braty Art Studio, 2021