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Love in the New York subway

Love in the New York subway

Photo redesign “Life and Love on the New York City Subway” 1947.

“Life and Love in the New York Subway” is a story about subway passengers, published in LOOK magazine. The series was filmed in 1946 for two weeks, usually late at night, resulting in candid, romantic and humorous moments from the life of New Yorkers. Kubrick took pictures unnoticed, secretly, and this meant that he was forced to take pictures only at stops, as the cars shook too much while moving. And, of course, often at the most crucial moment, another passenger passed by the lens and spoiled the perfect shot, or the subject itself suddenly began to move towards the exit. However, the photos obtained in any case are noteworthy.

© Stanley Kubrick, 1949
© LOOK Magazine Collection / Library of Congress / Prints & Photographs Division / Museum of the City of New York
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