Open call for Mykolaiv ART Week: CONNECT!

The MY ART Platform in cooperation with the Mykolayiv Development Agency with the support of the USA in Ukraine announces an open call for artists to participate in the exhibition CONNECT in Mykolaiv.

The opening of the exhibition will take place in April 2021 in the art space *8 PRICHAL.


The concept of the CONNECT project is to explore the history of transformation and the essence of the connections between different people, generations, countries and cultures.


The topic of CONNECT is a comprehensive study and reflection on the transformation of the modern world in the era of global urbanization and digitalization, as well as the period of combating new challenges: climate, epidemiological, social.

If we turn to the history of human relations, we can now observe the “preservation” of man in his own comfort zone. This is due to the acceleration of the pace of life; challenges that have to be solved every day; increasing the amount of information we absorb and process on a daily basis; social norms established by states to overcome new threats and risks to society.

2020 was a period of breaking down ties between individuals as well as entire countries and cultures. Buying a ticket and flying abroad, going to a festival, meeting friends at a bar or visiting relatives at any time have become unavailable, although a year before that they were commonplace for people. Reality has forced us to turn to social distancing and limiting our own communication needs.

The modern world and culture have turned to electronic communications. ZOOM, Skype, Clubhouse, various messengers, VR and AR are no longer just a way of communication and entertainment, but a single space for meetings, creativity and self-realization.


Applications can be submitted by all artists working on social and cultural ties in an age of world transformation and inequality. Projects created during the quarantine / lockdown period and reflecting on the art of self-isolation are welcome. The work can be performed in any technique, including virtual and augmented reality.


Applications for participation are accepted until March 23 by e-mail:

To submit an application in the subject of the letter it is necessary to indicate: “Participation in the CONNECT project, city, surname”.

Indicate the following information in the letter:

• First and last name

• City of residence

• Email

• Phone number

• Brief description of the work / works / project

• Up to 5 photos of the submitted work / project

• CV of the author


The organizers discuss conditions of transportation of works to Mykolaiv with each separate author. At the end of the exhibition all works will be returned to the authors. For photographers: organizers have the opportunity to print works depending on the size and parameters of digital work.