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Oleksiy Zaitsev (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Artist, graphic designer, organizer of art festivals, born and raised in Kiev.


Installation, 2020

Project description

The field of open data is developing rapidly. With its development there is a range of new opportunities, challenges and dangers. Paradoxically, with the growth of the open data movement, the strengthening of intellectual property rights is growing in parallel. This risks monopolizing open data by large corporations and governments, and requires high digital literacy of users.

In this work, the artist turns to the classical genre of art, the portrait, which does not lose its relevance and popularity over the millennia. In the era of globalization, the portrait becomes a source of processing biometric information and the development of neural networks.

The work consists of a flash drive, as well as an audio file and a text document, which reproduces the contents of the physical medium in the form of a set of numbers. The flash drive contains personal information of the author of the project (passport, contact details, registration, real estate ownership, etc.), which he received from open sources.