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Nina Marie (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The artist is interested in the social processes with which tries to interact.


Canvas, acrylic. 50×50 cm, 2020

Project description

In the project “Offline” the author turns to the study of topical issues of society, including communication.

After all, the present, together with technological progress and all the benefits we have received, has created completely new problems, inherent only in modernity. “Live” communication disappears from our lives imperceptibly. Increasingly, we are choosing an online communication environment; instead of “live” ten friends, there are thousands of virtual ones who are not really friends.

The old school game “Sea Battle”, which I offered to play to my sister, made me think about this topic. When at the end of the game I looked at a sheet of paper (on which we played), I thought, what about painting it in bright colors? The next thought was, how to encourage people to “live” communication with this simple game? This is how the Offline project came about.

In addition to research the topic of communication, I worked on and experimented with color theory. In my work, I did not use aids, such as masking tape. In my opinion, the imperfection of the lines in combination with the play of color creates a barely noticeable movement in the paintings, similar to breathing.