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Margarita Zhurunova and Bohdan Lokatyr (Vinnytsia-Lviv, Ukraine)

We work together since 2015, from the first joint project created at the winter festival of land art “Mythogenesis”.

The main activities of us are environmental art and printmaking, artbooks.


Video art, land art, 1.22 min, 2017

Project description

This work was originally created as part of the land art program of the Film and Urban Planning Festival “86” (the theme of the festival was “Intimacy”) in 2017. An unexpected discovery for the authors was what new meanings this work has acquired now, in 2021, during the global pandemic and all the new abscesses that accompany it.

The work is an interactive installation, two large balloons covered with sharp spikes on the outside. The bullets are vertically fixed with rubber bands in critical proximity – moving and swaying from the slightest movement of air, they constantly threaten to destroy each other.

This is mutual insecurity, passive aggression. Fear and tension – and anxious throws only intensify them. Fear of touch, fear of intimacy – this is the state in which we all live now.