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Alexandra Yelnik (Kherson, Ukraine)

Alexandra Yelnik is a self-taught artist from Ukraine. She has loved drawing and painting since her early childhood, yet her career path was not related to art due to life circumstances. Having tried many techniques and styles, Alexandra prefers acrylic paints and watercolor at present.

Her art is mainly reality-based and inspired by the beauty of nature around her: tree trunks with their abstract textures, birds sitting in the bush etc. Alexandra was not drawn to figurative painting before 2020, when pandemic changed our lives. Thoughts about the new daily routines and new habits (such as masks in the first place), new fears and new life lead to creating new artworks that can now be seen here.


Acrylic on canvas, 20×30 cm, 2021


Acrylic on primed cardboard, 20×20 cm, 2021


Acrylic on canvas, 30×40 cm, 2020