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Anna Kozyreva (Irpin, Ukraine)

The artist. The priority is realism. The main direction of the creative path is the disclosure of social issues, which are not commonly discussed in society.


A series of works. Canvas, oil. 2020-2021

Project description

The works from the series focus on the social aspect in relationships, the peculiarities of the psychological state and recovery of women after a breakup. All paintings are created from a real photo for the project or from an archival photo of the couple. The plot of the paintings is a nude selfie for ex, which symbolizes the reckless sharp actions of women as a reaction to the pain of separation. Each picture has its own story of love and rupture. The heroes of the paintings told about the peculiarities of the former relationship, shared their reckless actions in moments of despair and how to return to normal existence from critical states.

100х70, 2020

The paintings are created in black and white so as not to distract the viewer from the main message. All presented works are painted in oil during the quarantine period.

“My creative goal: with my paintings I want to draw people’s attention to the value of love, the importance of touch, the need to trust, support, care for each other.”

70х110, 2020
100х70, 2020