image description

Daria Ivashchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

During my creative development, I managed to adopt the peculiarities of various artistic directions, but at the same time develop a personal and recognizablestyle. Today, the canvases are included in private collections of collectors from different parts of the world, in particular Ukraine, England, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Germany and Greece. Moreover, the works take part in solo and group exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

I often experiment with other directions in search of new discoveries. My work is characterized by a distinctive feature – the use of gold leaf, which allows you to create the effect of airspace and capture its subtle changes during the day. Gold and silver backgrounds play with contrasts in different lighting and thus reflect the main idea – the fluidity of time.

The works are dominated by images of nature: flora and fauna, marine painting and the underwater world, still life. I transfer my inspiration from observing nature and the world around me to the canvas, without missing out on details. Despite the artistic prowess, the work is not limited to the visual form. They appeal to current topics of the insecurity of nature and the need to preserve it.

Having started an artistic career with capturing animalistic images, soon moved on to search for meanings, associations, stories and facts that are often hidden from a cursory glance. Working with my favorite images, I shifted the focus to social and artistic projects, in which I work with the theme of identification and territorial belonging, raise the problems of non-standard beauty and individuality, and also explore the issues of awareness and acceptance


Canvas. Mixed media. Potal (imitation silver). 70×100 cm, 2019

The artist’s canvas is a kind of retrospective into the past, refers to the ambivalence of his perception. The author seeks to return the viewer to childhood, carefree and fun. This is a kind of reflection, nostalgia for a time when everything seemed so simple and joyful. The central image – a bitten loaf – is just that symbol and a reminder of childhood. Fresh, crunchy and fragrant, it was something magical and so homey that it was never possible to avoid temptation and not bite it. This is a story about warmth and carefreeness, about friends, about relations with parents, about sincere and all-encompassing children’s happiness. The world have changed, the Country did^ but the loaf leaves the same life.

The years of the artist’s life, engraved on the background, are also a kind of guide to the past. Each year is a new memory, an event that is sacred information in the subjective consciousness. The artistic techniques used by the author allow the viewer to contemplate a holistic artistic concept. The harmony of mood is created by a paradoxical combination of a cold background and a warm central image. The metal leaf and the realistically depicted loaf point to two facets of reality – subjectivism and objectivism. It is a simultaneous expression of the artist’s inner feelings and reflections and the desire to evaluate the image on the basis of its accurate study.