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Daria Pugacheva and Zhanar Bereketova (Kyiv, Ukraine; Moscow, Russia)

Dasha + Zhanar is a collaboration of artists from Kyiv and Moscow. They meet through joint artistic practice, become friends by correspondence. For a long time, the artists did not see each other and did not communicate live. The main means of communication is collaboration: videos, installations, objects, samizdat and performances.


Video art. 2019-2020

Project description

Unlock is a series of four performances in Kyiv. Zhanar comes to Kyiv not-to-meet Dasha. Artists explore different forms of interaction – from nonverbal to physical.

# 1

July, 2019

Dasha and Zhanar explore non-verbal interaction in movement – swimming and dancing. The artists dive into the water and dance to the music they have chosen for each other.

# 2

November, 2019

This time the interaction is direct. They learn to trust each other – Dasha falls with her back to Zhanar. Artists play badminton through a black cloth. Dasha and Zhanar shout each other’s names at a distance and interact physically. Finally, they meet in the subway.

# 3

February, 2020

The third performance is formed on the collision. Artists challenge themselves and each other. Dasha pushes Zhanar in the back, pushing her on the subway platform to the escalator. Zhanar returns the accumulated energy when he gets on Dasha’s back.

# 4

October, 2020

Dasha and Zhanar in one space: parallel, perpendicular and diagonally, they move towards each other. Each of the performances refers to one of the previous ones. Finally, the artists meet the views.