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Dasha Igolkina (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Artist whose works are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Great Britain, and Belgium.



Is life around us real? Or it is just our thoughts and ideas? It happens that thoughts are not only in our head, but also real in our life. There are so many different personalities inside us, each of them is very special, talented, and has its own unique flair and desire. Such different desires in these separate parts of one personality that it becomes difficult to be in the moment. It is impossible to focus, you lose confidence. But life is a gift, and it is impossible to separate from some part of yourself. Life is inspiring. Everyone can support themselves in the process of combining the individual facets of themselves – everyone knows this feeling when looking for their way, their purpose. As you connect your inner puzzle.



The idea for the project arose during the quarantine period, when we especially felt how much of our lives depended on social connections. In fact, a person is very vulnerable – so many factors can break happiness: obstacles or other people’s thoughts. Especially other people’s thoughts. But how great it is to have support when someone has the opportunity to give energy with words, looks, faith. This connection with the person who supports you is felt even at a distance, it is unconditional, and there are no obstacles for a person. Because everyone lives on the same planet, and happiness, like problems, is the same for everyone. And in communicating and supporting each other, we become stronger and really united.



“Real queens correct each other’s crown.” The girls braid each other’s braids. Do you understand that you are not the first and you are not the last in this story of women’s destiny? These are not braids – these are Harmony and femininity in every usual thing. Chaos and rebellion before the first meditation, the desire to be independent and independent until the first true love, disappointment and loneliness before meeting “their” people. Stay in touch, super girl.