image description

Katya Kononenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Young Ukrainian artist of modern painting. Engages in abstraction, using open bright colors, simple shapes, clear lines, emphasizes volumes with textures.

Project description

The process of creating a work is a collaboration-experiment of the idea, selected materials and spiritualization of the product of creativity. This combination gives self-expression not only to the author of the project, but also allows you to let into the process of spontaneity and life, play and transformation, the exchange of energies. In contact with one or another media, the same characters and concepts begin to develop differently. The dialogue between the paint / canvas / brush and the artist is as important as the human-to-human dialogue.

“Black”. 100х80. 2020
“Isolation”. 100х80. 2020
“Red”. 100х80. 2020