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Natalia Okhman (Kyiv, Ukraine)

instagram @nata_okhman, @okhman.collage

In early 2020, I started creating collages from fragments of magazines, cardboard and other supporting materials. I also create short stop motion animations using digital resources and personal collages.

Education. National Pedagogical Dragomanov University – Master’s diploma, professional qualification Fashion Designer, Higher Education Lecturer in 2019. I work at the Department of Design and Advertising at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University.

In the room

In a series of works “Lockdown at the city” “At home” “In the room” “Exit” “Behind the door” I consider the problems of modern realities during the pandemic, social distance, limited facets.

A person can adapt to any environment. In your home or apartment, you can do many things, such as your work, some creative stuff, communicate online… Forming your comfort is a soothing meditation from negative thoughts and news.

But as a rule, according to human psychology, behavior in constraints may change. Someone accept the situation, and someone become aggressive and timid to mass gatherings. Large families living together are fenced off in areas in one space, exposing the faces. In this state, feelings of anxiety about instability and conflict leave certain imprints.


“At home”
Behind the door
Lockdown at city