image description

Natalia Parshchyk (Lviv, Ukraine)

Artist. The main areas that the author explores are painting and glass.


Installation, metal, glass. It consists of three parts: lighting objects with rounded corners, which have stained glass on both sides. 2020

Project description

The work was created during October-December 2020.

“For three months, I collected audio and video material, recorded our short conversations on a dictaphone and recorded videos, in particular with fragments of the participants. First of all, I wanted to understand and convey an unlimited number of common images that connect us to glass in its various manifestations, regardless of age and field of activity.

Among the respondents are children, students, artists and those who do not work with art. It was interesting to find in the process that more than half of the participants are fond of stained glass. In fact, this led me to the idea of ​​embodying glass stories in the classic stained glass technique.”