image description

Petra Jovanovska (Skopje, North Macedonia)

Artist, curator and organizer of art projects.


Photo project. 40×60 cm, digital printing, 2020

Project description

The circles in my works represent the distance markers meant to keep people 2 meters apart.

A circle has no beginning, no end, no corners, no pages. It does not limit, although it gives form. In it and outside of it, everything is in motion, it is also the zero from which everything starts and to which everything eventually returns. It calls for action, symbolizes time cycles, the movement of planets around the Sun, totality, fulfillment, focus, togetherness, perfection, revolution, and evolution. There is a clear association with the mother’s womb, the fetus, the seed, the cell. Psychologically speaking, the circle allows us to imprint ourselves, that is, our “I”, into one universal, boundless scheme of the universe and, thus, to equate ourselves with all living beings, even all that surrounds us.

This is exactly what I do as well, imprinting “myself” – mythoughts, emotions, her worldview, in a circle within the picture. I do this using a variety of media and techniques such as graphic techniques of linocut and drypoint, collage, photography, drawing, exploring the infinity of variants of playing with a circle. By seriality and multiplication of the same shape, I achieve a distinct dynamic of the image, which it enhances with the structurality, with reference to the relief of the drypoint technique itself or the layering of collage.