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Roman Khrushch (Lviv, Ukraine)

Works in the direction of post-traditionalism.


Canvas, oil. 2020-2021

“As a child I loved to climb trees. The further I climbed, the better I had to hold on, because the wind was shaking more and more. Reaching the top, I could see everything from a different angle, and at the same time eat, whether cherries or apples. But despite such pros, there was a minus – the wind. The wind was very shaky and it was necessary to hold on tight, to hold on to the trees, its roots. And in my works I explore and show my roots. And at the same time I stand like a tree that holds fast to its roots and can give its fruits to everyone.

The roots of things, events, consequences, opportunities. Roots of ancestral energies, Ancestor ».

We are all the fruits of one Tree, one Home.

“Root № 98”. 200×120. Canvas, oil. 2020
“Yellow”. 50×40. Canvas, oil. 2021
“Root № 90”. 165×90. Canvas, oil. 2020
“Poppies”. 50×40. Canvas, oil. 2021
“Root № 9”. 165×100. Canvas, oil. 2020