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Sofiia Korotkevych (Lviv, Ukraine)

My name is Sofiia Korotkevych, I am an artist of decorative and applied arts and monumental painting. I develop my artistic activity in parallel with my main work as a manager at the Jam Factory Art Center (Lviv).

In my artistic practice I look for ways to interact with the natural properties of materials, with which I work. I try not only to adjust them to my vision and requirements but also to give space for physical properties to each of the elements of the artistic process. I find a definite philosophy in the process of manipulating the materials and drawing analogies with the social situations that we face every day in our routine.

Techniques in which I work: sculpture, small plastic, installation, graphics.

Artistic activity

2021 – participation in an international land art festival “Mithogenesis” (online);
2020 – finalist of the Sheptytsky Biennale, video project “Places of His”, Sheptytsky Center
2020 – participation in the project “Intersubjectivity”, Fest Republic (Lviv);
2020 – participation in the exhibition of the street gallery Fol`ga “SHATRO” within the
project ART & ARGO (Lviv);
2020 – participation in the art project “Immunity”, MSUMK (Lutsk);
2020 – art project of the open street gallery Fol`ga (Lviv);
2020 – participation in the Professor Andriy Bokotey Award for glass artists, Museum of
Glass (Lviv);
2019 – International Symposium of blown glass, LNAM (Lviv);
2019 – Final exhibition of the International Symposium of blown glass, A. Sheptytsky
National Museum (Lviv);
2019 – participation in the Professor Andriy Bokotey Award for glass artists, Museum of
Glass (Lviv);
2018 – participation in the Professor Andriy Bokotey Award for glass artists, Museum of
Glass (Lviv);
2018 – 2nd place in the All-Ukrainian glass design competition Verallia Design Awards
2017 – New Wave Exhibition, Fest Republic (Lviv);
2016 – AnaidArts Festival, Magnus (Lviv);
2016 – New Wave Exhibition, Tram Depot (Lviv);
2016 – Exhibition “LIT.ERA”, Museum of the History of Religion (Lviv);2015 – Autumn Salon “High Castle”, Palace of Arts (Lviv).


Installation. 2021. Technique: hot glass, mixed technique. Materials: glass globe, chip, blinking diode, moss. Dimensions: diameter 180 mm.

It is no secret that the world has undergone huge changes over the past few decades, and the era of the Anthropocene is only gaining momentum. The constant digitization of life has become the new norm, and the question of what leads to mass globalization is increasingly appearing both in everyday conversations and in the international arena of all professional levels.

In this installation, I depict the Earth as a fragile glass ball, and its interior – as a chip with a flashing blue diode that emerges and at the same time dominates the natural range of the planet. Today, the color blue is strongly associated with the technogenic world, and is the
most popular for branding digital technology facilities. The soothing blinking of the diode is a symbolic reminder that the cyber world is always ON in all corners of the world and a new portion of encoded information flows into it every second. Thus, the virtual environment of the planet expands more and more, and perhaps even right now, through this process, changes the planet’s DNA.