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Traiche Chatmov (Skopje, North Macedonia)

Artist, photographer, animator.


A series of works. Canvas, acrylic. 2020

Project description

Truth as an abstract concept of human individuality is a virtue from which modern homosapiens are increasingly distancing, increasingly afraid and hidden, not acknowledging their weaknesses and shortcomings, forgetting about the total imperfection of their species. But there is one point that we forget – when confronted with the truth, we will be able to see our shortcomings and the shortcomings of others, and from there make the right view for the formation of our microworld. This is how these works were created.

“Freedom”. Acrylic on canvas. 70×50.
,,Hugging the city”. Acrylic on canvas. 40×40.
,,COVI PANIC”. Acrylic on canvas. 100×100.
“Aperian in free fall”. Acrylic on canvas. 100×70.
,,Isolated case”. Acrylic on plywood. 100×70.