image description

Victoria Naumchuk (Lviv, Ukraine)

Artist, graphic designer. In parallel, I have personal photos and video projects that I am currently working on. They are directly connected to people and their search for a point of contact with others.



Project description

We want to be heard, but we do not want to hear others. We remain captive to our own beliefs. Thoughts stun with an inaudible noise, blind us with a transparent film, leave us alone with ourselves. They wrap the person layer by layer, forming a cocoon without holes. No sounds, no signs, no more people. The support you can rely on has remained on the other side. On the same – the environment of what does not allow others to approach – indifference, selfishness, capriciousness.

Allowing yourself to hear, to be able not to wall yourself up according to your beliefs, not to disappear in the eyes of other people – the main idea of ​​this photo project, which was created during the quarantine in the summer of 2020.