Open-air screenings of American movies at *8 PRICHAL

Mykolaiv residents was able to participate in American open-air film screenings at *8 PRICHAL. This events took place as part of the Mykolaiv ART Week festival of contemporary art.

On May 12, everyone had the opportunity to watch the documentary blockbuster “WEINSTEIN”. This is the story of the bright rise and fall of the scandalous Hollywood producer Garvey Weinstein, which was the beginning of the #MeToo movement. The plot of the film tells how Weinstein expanded his influence over the decades. Former colleagues, college friends and journalists reflect on Weinstein’s public perception of the seer, detailing his relentless attempts to retain power under the threat of a serious scandal.

And on May 14 we watched together the biographical thriller “SEBERG” with the incredible Kristen Stewart in the lead role.

According to the plot, in the late 60’s the star of the French “new wave”, actress Gene Seberg at the peak of her career began to advocate for the rights of African Americans and Native Americans. At the same time, the FBI launched an intelligence operation against her: a system of surveillance and high-profile provocations. In this network of espionage, a young agent who is secretly attached to Seberg becomes one of the main characters in its history.

The events took place in compliance with all quarantine measures.The festival of contemporary art Mykolaiv ART Week “CONNECT” 2021 realised by the MY ART Platform in partnership with the Mykolaiv Development Agency and the art space *8 PRICHAL with support of US Embassy in Ukraine.